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Topsoil being dumped through a screener


For faster elite screening this is the unit you want. This vibrating screener is equipped with the option of 110v electric vibrator or Honda gas powered vibrator attached to a composite spring mounted screening platform. This screener can be used for screening aggregates, topsoil, composite, etc. Large selection of screen sizes available. Please contact for more info. 


If you are wanting a simple topsoil screener for the basic screening needs this is the unit for you. This well built top soil screener is designed to last and is maintenance free as it has no moving parts.

Why choose North 42


Warkentin Fabricating is a family run business specializing in marine construction, mobile welding and custom fabrication, located near the small town of Harrow Ontario. Feel free to call us at anytime about screeners, custom builds or repairs you would like to have completed and we will be glad to help you.

Warkentin Fabricating Screeners have been rebranded as North 42 Ventures. It is still the same great product as well as the same support behind the product.

Our Specialty

We specialize in building topsoil screeners ranging in a wide array of types, sizes and models. If you can’t find what you need, we would be happy to build one to your custom specifications.

100% Customizable

We are able to create custom screens of almost any size to meet all your screening needs.